TABOO Secures $10M Fund Round, Onboards 12 Models By 2023

• TABOO announces its raising a fund of $10 million with a valuation of $250 million.
• It is an entertainment and media platform that has shown tremendous growth during the first quarter of 2023.
• The platform has secured a fund round from private investors and onboarded 4 new models while 8 more will be onboarded in 2023.

TABOO Raises Fund valued at $250 Million

TABOO, an entertainment and media platform, recently announced that it had raised a fund of $10 million with a valuation of $250 million. This was achieved due to the tremendous growth exhibited by the platform during the first quarter of 2023.

Fund Round Secured From Private Investors

The fund round was led by a former JP Morgan senior executive who saw the potential in growing TABOO’s platform. The funds will be used for major acquisitions, marketing, new feature integrations and security enhancements as well as providing credibility and transparency to content providers and customers across the globe through blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Market Value at All-Time High

TABOO’s market value reached its all-time high indicating its endurance even in global bear markets, with data from CryptoRank showing TABOO to be one of the top performing tokens that outperformed BTC 11.8 times since March 2023.

Platform Sees Massive Growth

Due to its dedication to investors and community, TABOO saw exceptional growth in Q1 surging over 1000%. With this success came new opportunities such as onboarding four new models while eight more are set to join by end of 2023 on their NFT Marketplace which allows users to purchase using their native token ($TABOO).


TABOO is revolutionizing content creation, curation, and distribution by leveraging blockchain technology efficiently for improved user experience. Its unique approach attracted major investors who have seen great returns from this project which demonstrates its true strength – cutting edge technology combined with dedication towards achieving excellence in every aspect.

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